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Rocky Mountain


From stories handed down over the ages, the Rocky Mountain Dragons would appear to have lived high in the Mountains of North America for many centuries. They are a hardy bunch who live in deep caves through the long harsh winters kept warm by the heat of the Earth's own internal fires. When the sun melts the snow away from the cave entrances ,the dragons take to the surrounding rocks to bask

Here three younger Dragons who we have come to know as the three stooges sit in the sun. The Dragons seem to share some chameleon genes for at times when they don't wish to stand out, they assume the same colour and texture as the surrounding rock.

At other times the dragons show their true colours and simply shine in the rays of the sun. Here a brown and copper specimen examines  the snowy peaks in the distance.

His neighbour, in blue, shows the same distinctive copper edged scale ridges.

One of the largest Dragons we have seen is this "gallery-sized" individual whose length if he was to be fully extended is over five feet(1.5 meters)!


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