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Rocky Mountain


One thing that has puzzled those who have heard of the Dragons is how they manage to remain virtually undetected, and we are ready to reveal some of their secrets to you now.

The Dragons actually enjoy a symbiotic relationship with several other small creatures . First among these is the hunter/gatherer Rocky Mountain Dragon Herdsman™.

The herdsman runs naked and hairy through the high mountains gathering insects, flowers, roots, nuts, and berries and bringing them back to the Dragon's caves. They are strange, basically mute little creatures, who have their own sign language, and as we discovered recently , share a bit of the telepathic abilities of the Dragons.

While the Dragons are very alert and intelligent and have inherited some of the magic of their ancestors, they have come to rely upon another species of creature to help alert them of approaching danger.

These strange individuals are the Rockhead Sentinels™ ,and their job is to sit amid the rocks and ledges overlooking the approaches to the Dragon's caves and sound an alarm when they spot anything unusual. They can then spin quickly around so only their backsides are visible and they blend in to the surrounding rocks.They do not seem to have much telepathic power but are able to "think themselves" from one place to another for short distances.

A third little creature in this wilderness area has a rather unusual function. Dragons tend to consume a large amount of flowers and insects as they go through the day. If their droppings were to be detected then the very real possibility of discovery would threaten. To prevent this from happening it has befallen to the OCSWE™(a One Celled Something With Eyes) to clean up after the Dragons. This probably explains the sour expression on their faces and it most definitely explains their colours for they have the colours of the Dragons and we all know "you are what you eat".During the days we spent with the Dragons we saw what we at first took for another type of unknown creature. We called them Surprise Rocks™ for when you see them on the ground they look just like another round brown rock. One day we heard mumbling from one of these rocks , turned it over, and dropped it in surprise! Staring up at us was a scowling face. The little mouth mumbled, "Put me back", and we did, for a rain shower was working it's way over the ridge and we did not want the poor creature to drown!

One day we witnessed an event that helped us to realize where the "Surprise Rocks" we had heard and discovered actually came from. A Rockhead Sentinel had been "goofing off" and actually posing for us in the grass. One of the crankier Dragons saw this and without so much as a warning snort he "thought " at the unsuspecting Rockhead and transformed him into a "Surprise Rock"!

Posing Transformed! Surprise!You guys!


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