The History of the Original


Rocky Mountain



There is a story told in Alberta, Canada about a diminutive Dragon seen only on rare occasions on the upper eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. While most people have treated the story as another symptom of possible altitude sickness, a chance encounter one summer morning by two hiking children led to the discovery of the Rocky Mountain Dragons. The mother of the two children is a potter and sculptor and was camping with her children and friend in a small secluded valley high up on the eastern slope of the mountains. When she heard the first shouts that morning she feared some accident had befallen the children. Little did she know what an adventure was about to begin for them all.......The Rocky Mountain Dragons were real! Read the first two chapters of the story here.

Cindy Clarke has created sculptures of some of the Dragons and their friends discovered on that trip and we want to share a bit of the magic with the world.

Here one of the larger Dragons is seen sunning on a rock in Jasper Park. The blue dragons with shades of purple are some of the brightest dragons found in the group with which we have become acquainted.